Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Last weekend we went to Colorado to visit Brett's family.  It was a nice break to get away, visit with family, and do a little shopping with the girls.  

Brett is from a small town in Northern Colorado and grew up on what he calls a "big garden" and I (the city gal) call a "farm".  Here are the kids calling the piggies.
Brett had to chase them out of the barn.
Tobe is such a gentleman.  He didn't want Aly to miss out.
The piggies were getting a little too close.
By the way, we will be eating those piggies next year for dinner. Mmmm.....
Brett and his family took their dad to a Rockies game for Father's Day.
Saturday we went to the Denver Temple with Brett's younger brother, Devin.  He will be leaving on a mission in August to the New York, New York South, spanish speaking mission.

Brett's siblings: Erica, Brett, Devin, Jason, Ashley

Sunday we were getting ready for church and Tobe drank from our travel shampoo bottle.  He thought it was a water bottle and took a big swig.  He threw up bubbles all over his church clothes.  So he got to wear some of his cousins clothes.  He absolutely loved the tie and kept saying he was "handsome". 

Jason and Katrina blessed their new little baby, Wyatt McCabe.

After the blessing we went to visit Brett's grandpa.  He is in a care center and hardly knew Brett anymore but we wanted to get a picture of Tobe with him because this is who he is named after.  This is Grandpa Tobe!!

It is nice to be close enough to be able to be a part of special occasions.  We had such a good time.


Jenna said...

Looks like you had a fun trip. Those are way cute pictures. By the way...when did Aly get so old? I didn't even recognize her. Glad you are home safe.

Kelli said...

Great pictures! The one with Tobe and Grandpa Tobe is too cute. What a special picture. Sorry to hear about the shampoo incident! Yikes! I'm glad you guys had fun. Do you have any big plans for your b'day?

estanworth said...

I absolutely loved seeing you guys!! I knew that Tobe had thrown up, but I didn't know it was from drinking shampoo. I'm sorry but that makes the whole story really funny! The picture of you and Brett turned out so great- you guys look wonderful together. Thanks for making the sudden trip.

Kami said...

I love your skirt and outfit outside the temple. So cute! I am glad you guys had fun.

Debbie said...

Holy Cow, your trip was packed. What fun to bless a baby, get a missionary ready, see a farm, shop, game. Did you get to relax??

The Gatherum Family said...

Looks like a fun trip-can I just say that you LOOK SO DANG GOOD?!?!?!? You give me inspiration and I can't wait to get started :) Little Tobe just melts my heart, what a litle cutie :)

Jen said...


I 2nd the comment above. My first thought in looking at these pictures was WOW! Amanda looks amazing!!! Looks like a fun trip & good to get away. How is training going on for the 10K? So far so good for me!

Lisa Cannon said...

I'm happy that you guys had a great trip and were able to get away for a bit. Sounds like you guys had a great time!

UT Halls said...

Hi Manda,
Hardly a vacation to relax! Sounds like you had fun. Tobe looks so cute in his missionary attire. And you... You look great!!! I am glad you have the photo of Tobe and Tobe. You will be glad you got that.
Talk to you tomorrow!

R & K Watterson Family said...

Your kids are so cute, Manda! Colorado looks like it was packed with family fun, that is the best kind of trip! How nice to go to the Denver Temple, I love going to temples outside of Utah. I left you a message about swimming, would love to have you - sounds like you really could use the break! Hope we can get together, crazy to talk to you!

Liz said...

TObe eating the soap is so something that me children would do. I am glad that you could have a little vacation.