Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Teaching Kids to Earn Their Keep

planting the garden

Do you give your kids chores??  And if so, What do you have them do? Do you pay them?
Now that I am a mom I am faced with the challenge of giving my children jobs.  I hated jobs growing up and I now realize it is easier to just do the task myself than taking the time to show Jane and Tobe how to do something and then really letting them do it...their way.  But I feel that kids these days don't learn work ethic like they used to.  So what do you do to teach your kids the concept of work?

Jane's List
1-make bed every morning
2-put sippy cups away as I empty the dishwasher
3-sort the laundry
4-get the garbages throughout the house

Tobe's List
1-make bed every morning
2-put bottles away as I empty the dishwasher


Becky, yep said...

I'm with you!

I have a vivid memory of eating breakfast with Ash after sleeping over at your house. You and Ashley had Captin Crunch for breakfast and told me later that you would always eat the most crunchy cereal so you couldn't hear your mom when she gave you chores to do on Saturday morning!

amanda said...

I love that we did that (I don't remember though) and I'm sure my kids will do the same thing.

Samantha said...

We have similar chores growing up, but we never got paid for it. It was something that we did because we were part of the family and families work together. I also have my Nathan help put his folded clothes away and strip his bed when it is time to change the sheets. Both of my children help me move along the laundry and they are responsible for clearing their place at dinner. Just a few more random, everyday chores.
By the way, are you going to Women's Conference?

Liz said...

I always find myself doing everything because it is so much easier sometimes than having to show them and follow them around to make sure that they do it right. I am trying to get better at that because now my children are SLOBS!!!! THey just throw everything on the ground because they do not have to clean it up so they do not care.
Oh and thank you for updating!!

Kelli said...

I am trying to give Abby little jobs to do too. It is easier to do things yourself sometimes, but the kids will get the hang of it eventually...right? It's important though like you said to teach work ethic and to work together as a family. It shouldn't all fall on mom. Prime example of how important this youngest sister and brother have never had to do any kind of chores...they don't even clean their rooms! They are almost 17 and 15. It is crazy.
Of course, it bugs my stepmom, but she never makes them do they don't.

Jenna said...

We did not want to pay them for chores, so we came up with an alternative.We have a chore chart with 4 chores:Keep Bedroom clean,Take shoes upstairs and put away (can you tell I have had to do this too many times or we can't find them when we are running late in the morning),help set and clear table, and clean toy room before bed. We keep a sticker chart and if they do them all week they can choose an activity from the jar that we will do as a family. All the activities are ones they came up with. We haven't got to an activity yet, but I will let you know how it goes. It teaches them responsibility without expecting payment for everything they do.Plus it allows us to do more as a family.

estanworth said...

Spencer has to help clean up all his toy and put them away- on cleaning day and then clean his toliet. And if the downstairs one is bad then he had to clean it too. He also puts all the dishes he uses away and now Jamison thinks that it is pretty neat to help and so he likes putting his dishes away too.

Logan and Ashley said...

Reid helps all the time around the house. He picks up his toys, helps me in the yard, swifers the kitchen with me and helps dust and clean the base boards. I don't make him do them, but when I am cleaning or working in the yard, if he shows interest in wanting to help I jump all over it! I agree that kids today don't have a work ethic, it drives me CRAZY!! Dang young women!