Monday, March 10, 2008

New Floor...Yipee!

I used to hate it when my parents had a party because that would mean a week of house cleaning and most likely a project or two to remodel their house. I vowed I'd never be like that. Never say never.
Brett and I have wanted to replace our nasty linoleum and horribly dirty carpet for some time now. When I asked him what he wanted for his 30th birthday he said..."I DO NOT want a surprise party." I had been planning a surprise party for months now but I'm horrible with surprises so I gave in and told him of his upcoming birthday party.
Back to the new we decided to rush out and replace our floor before the party. As he worked from sun up to sun down on Friday and Saturday I kept telling him, "If only you had let me have a surprise party, you wouldn't be replacing our floor...yet!"


Becky, yep said...

Classic! don't you hate that we are going to end up JUST like our parents!
I know I am my mom in SO many ways (fortunately I really like her!)

estanworth said...

So very cool. The floor looks so good. We really wish we could be there for the party. I guess I need to come and see the floor, uh? I'm coming out the end of April for Women's Conference. JUST ME!! (and a friend)I'll call and see if I could run over and say hi.

Debbie said...

I remember your parents and parties. They went crazy. (Earl, no one is going to look on the top shelf of your laundry closet.) Am I right?
But there parties were always a blast! Great floor.

Lisa Cannon said...

I am exactly the same way when it comes to hosting people at my house. I go crazy! I was supposed to have people in my ward over for dinner on Saturday, but I cancelled due to us being sick the week before and not being able to get my house ready! I am insane!

Staci said...

Your floor looks awesome! You will love your wood floor, I have just learned to not care so much about the scratches that will inevitably happen. What a great way to get things done when you have an absolute deadline. I am going to keep that in mind the next time we remodel!