Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Prophet's Day? I mean President's Day!

Jane came home from preschool on Friday to inform me that she learned about a new prophet and it "wasn't even Gordon B. Hinckley or Thomas S. Monson".  I thought that was a little weird that she was learning about prophets in preschool, but after all we do live in Utah.  I shrugged it off and went about our day.
That evening she remembered that the prophet was Abraham Lincoln and that he "freed the sleeves"!
Happy President's Day!!


Liz said...

Lexi said the exact same thing! Then she told me all about Abraham Lincoln and I was very impressed with how much she knew! I then had to explain AGAIN the difference between a prophet and a president.

Shauna said...

So funny that he freed the sleeves! I love the stuff they say.

estanworth said...

You can't say that pre-school doesn't teach them anything!

Kami said...

She is learning a lot in preschool.

Becca said...

love it. who knew we had abe lincoln to thank for sleeveless shirts?