Thursday, January 31, 2008

We're Free!!

Remember my sweet brother and sister-in-law that put us up in a hotel for our anniversary?  Well they went to St. George for the weekend and offered us this:
Yes it's a car!!!  So you'd think we'd be out on the town somewhere with things to do and people to see...nope...we are doing this:

...being lazy and watching TV.  It's too cold to go anywhere.  I know beggars can't be choosers.  The point is that if I wanted to go anywhere (like to the store for more Ju Ju Hearts or to Target to just look around) WE COULD!!!  Yipee!

ps Aly had her 6 month check up (yes she's only 6 months, not 12) yesterday and has leaned up a little.  Now she's in the 75% for weight and the 90% for height.  She used to be in the 95% for weight.  She's watching her girlish figure.  It's her resolution.  Good Job Aly!!


The Gatherum Family said...

YAY!!!! Glad you are free if you choose to be. That's the kicker isn't it? You just want the OPTION of going somewhere if you want to! I agree, it's too dang cold to venture out...Good job Aly-she's starting young eh?

Kami said...

Isn't it crazy that even with a car, sometimes you just want to just be home.

Watching her girlish figure - Funny!

Debbie said...

I know you don't want to hear about the good old days, most of us only had one car. So lots of lazy pajama days. The kids probably loved the snow play!!

Shauna said...

I remember my Grandma telling me she didn't have a car for like the first 10 years of her marriage. It made me so thankful for mine. But now I am in it all the time running all over. Oh well.

Liz said...

What are JuJU hearts? I am so glad that someone else hangs out in their pjs besides us.

Logan and Ashley said...

I can't stay home all day, so I admire that even if you wanted to go somewhere now, you don't. Although I have one kid and you have three, that makes a big difference whether or not you want to go out!!