Friday, January 25, 2008

Here I Go...

100 Little Facts About Me: 
Amanda Jane Dorius Hatch

1.  I Love Blogging (it's MY thing; Brett has TV and I have blogging)
2.  I have lived in Utah my whole life and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else (sorry Colorado girls but it's true)
3.  My biggest pet peeve is late people and being late.
4.  I am a huge "If only..." person (if only it were summer, if only my kids were older, if only I were skinnier, etc)
5.  I wish I could enjoy the journey.
6.  I listen to Jane's "High School Musical 2" CD more than she does.
7.  I favor my boy over my girls (Brett favors the girls so it's even)
8.  I wish I knew how to play the piano.
9.  Even though my friends and family have nicer houses than I do, I truly LOVE my house.
10.  I (like Becky) love my minivan.
11.  I'm OK with letting my kids watch too much TV.
12.  I have never had a bloody nose.
13.  I would love to live in St. George (even though it's away from my family)
14.  I wish I majored in something different.  (My major is Dance)
15.  I don't have many friends but I have a few GREAT friends.
16.  I go to bed every night wishing I was a better mom.
17.  My #14 is Zac Efron (and Brett doesn't know it)
18.  I miss my Grandpa Ralph more than I thought I would.
19.  I love ju ju hearts.
20.  I get Brett presents (for birthdays and Christmas) that are more for me.
21.  I sometimes wish my kids weren't so close in age.
22.  I love going out to eat (but I'm glad we don't very often).
23.  I love to travel and have been to England, Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, New York, San Fransisco, San Diego, LA (DisneyLand), Florida (DisneyWorld), Bahamas, Richmond VA, Mesa Arizona, SunValley Idaho, Colorado, Missouri, Ohio, Boston, and we are going to Brazil in October. 
24.  I am the treasurer for the Utah All Breed Horse Association.
25.  I don't like horses.
26.  I get sick, stretch marks, heartburn, fat, hot feet, the desire to smell 409 and wet cement, swollen feet and legs, pelvic pressure, a craving to chomp ice, and overdue babies; therefore I HATE to be pregnant.
27.  We have 2 dentists in our family so we don't carry dental insurance.
28.  I love when my kids giggle, especially at each other.
29.  I wish I could take good pictures.
30.  I have 2 girls and 3 sisters and I don't know how to french braid (anyone want to teach me)
31.  I don't know how to drive a stick shift, therefore I have never driven Brett's Jetta.
32.  I sometimes still have dreams about my ex-boyfriends.
33.  I am not a homebody and need to get out at least once a day.
34.  I hate to exercise.
35.  I wish Tobe wasn't behind for his age (but when he succeeds I am so proud).
36.  I wish my legs were longer.
37.  We have an 85 year old friend that invites us to dinner on Sundays.  
38.  I have a few things that are fun to say you are going and fun to say you have been, but not fun to actually be there; camping, football games, and concerts.
39.  I hate that roller coasters make me sick and scared the older I get.
40.  I am terrified when Brett drives and I drive whenever I can even though it bugs Brett.
41.  I want to be done having kids but feel there is still one more.
42.  I love wearing flip flops.
43.  I love popsicles.
44.  I love a clean car.
45.  I expect people to be just like me.
46.  I have only 4 cousins.
47.  I don't like to go visiting teaching and I don't like to be visit taught.
48.  I love that Brett has a 9-5 job and hate when he has to work extra.
49.  I went off Diet Coke for 5 years (1995-2000) and now I find that impossible.
50.  I am only half way done and can't think of anything else.
51.  I love opening my blinds and don't like when people leave their blinds closed.
52.  I love making lists.
53.  I don't like to read.
54.  I have never voted.
55.  I love that my kids have a bedtime.
56.  I hate being cold.
57.  I have been married for 6 years and year 6 was my favorite.
58.  I have had the worst experience in potty training.
59.  I don't get sick, therefore I am not sympathetic when others get sick.
60.  I have a lot of moles and am still growing new ones.
61.  I have lost 32 pounds since August and am really proud of myself.
62.  I wish my husband would compliment me more. (he knows)
63.  I wish I didn't need to be complimented.
64.  I am not comfortable in a crowd and sometimes come across as snotty.
65.  I love parties but don't like to be the host of them.
66.  I don't like video games and vow my children will never own them.
67.  I miss my childhood.
68.  My favorite holiday is Halloween and it's Brett's worst.
69.  I love that Brett takes care of mowing the lawn and shoveling.
70.  I love a clean house.
71.  The hardest part about having kids is that my house is rarely clean.
72.  I wish I was more patient.
73.  I don't love to watch TV.
74.  I like going to Costco and find it a fun family outing.
75.  I love getting a good deal.  (I found Grandma Sycamore bread for $1.25/loaf and bought 20 loaves.  It is usually $2.89)
76.  I'd rather do a job fast than do a job perfect.
77.  I don't cook very often at all.
78.  I am having a hard time juggling 3 kids.
79.  I HATE email forwards and feel if you are going to forward something, at least delete the trail in which it came from and write something personal.
80.  I love playing Phase 10.  Brett and I used to stay up at night playing this game until we had kids and needed our sleep.
81.  I don't like wearing a watch.
82.  I love new underwear and socks.
83.  I wear contacts and wish I had the money and wasn't so scared for Lasik.
84.  I don't like to breast feed and didn't even try with my 3rd. (it's just not my thing)
85.  I like to dance but don't like teaching dance.
86.  I love my relationships with my sisters.
87.  I love my relationships with my sisters-in-law.
88.  I have been converted to Mac Computers.
89.  I wish I was more grateful for the things I have.  
90.  I love taking my jewelry off at night.
91.  I don't like when restaurants leave your clothes stinky.
92.  I don't mind public speaking.
93.  I don't like to inconvenience others and I don't like when people inconvenience me.
94.  I love that Brett was taught to put the toilet seat down and am disgusted when my brothers leave it up.
95.  I like to serve others but I'm not very good at it.
96.  I like my maiden name more than my married name.
97.  I love being married.
98.  I hate talk radio.
99.  I'm glad I'm almost finished.
100.  I worry what others think about me.

Wow! That was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  But I am finished and I hope you learned a little about me.  


The Gatherum Family said...

Great list! We have a lot of stuff in common. I think you are a great person and I am glad we have reconnected-you are real and honest and I love that in a person.

Jen said...

I'm so happy you updated! I know I need to, but I just don't have much to say sometimes. This list idea is great though!

Logan and Ashley said...

You have led me along with the whole Colorado thing!! Although you wouldn't want to move here, I know you would love it if you ever did!!! That was so fun to read and I loved the little quirks that we have in common!!

Becky, yep said...

that was enlightening!
I'm an "If only" person too!
And, I'm glad to be counted as one of your friends again!

estanworth said...

Awesome job!! I am quite impressed. I learned so much about you. I understand you wanting to move- I don't really want to either, plus I loved how much you say about Brett. I know you love him and that is so super cool to me. But come on- your name? :-) I really agree with the forward thing!!

Debbie said...

I think the 100 things are fun to read. I miss your granpa Ralph too. We drove by his house last week.

Becky, yep said...

on #19, let's take our kids on a tour of the Sweets candy factory. We did it last summer and it was candy at the end!
I'll arrange it!

amanda said...

Yeah! Becky, That sounds heavenly. Where is it? I still don't have a car though :(

Kami said...

Okay, # 17 made me LOL!

#1,6,30,47 and 96 -we are the same.

I am glad you played. I loved how honest you were.

Since my list, I can think of more things that I wish I would have added. In about 6 months, we should do this again, it is fun!

Lisa Cannon said...

I loved your list. It was fun to learn more about you.

I want to go the the candy factory, too. What is your email? I want to go to Kangaroo Zoo this week again. Sound good?

Shauna said...

I am with you on the people being late thing. My dad stressed being on time when we were growing up and I really try to be on time when I go somewhere (although it is harder now with 5 kids.)

Staci said...

I loved the smell of wet cement when I was pregnant too. I worked at a building that I had to park in a parking garage and when I got off work, I would sit there and smell for like 5 minutes before I would get in my car (only when it rained or snowed) then the cement would smell real good. It was so fun to read about you!