Thursday, October 18, 2007

Free Therapy!

Tobe is in speech therapy at the moment because he has a slight speech delay. I have a few friends that ask me about it because their children have it too. So I thought I'd pass along the info I get each month from the therapist. Hopefully it will be of help to you or anyone you know.
1. Get rid of the sippy cup completely and replace it with a straw. (This helps them strengthen muscles in their mouth that they need for certain sounds)
2. This month we are practicing the M, P, and B sounds so we gathered a ton of toys with these sounds and we practice saying them daily.
3. Narrarate his day. Talk to them as much as possible. Use as many words as you can to describe what they are doing or playing.


Logan and Ashley said...

Interesting about the sippy thing. I should try it to help Reid with some of his sounds. I don't know it could help. How is it going with his speech therapy?

Kami said...

Litte Tobe in a skirt is too funny. As the kids in my primary class would say, "He is Girl-Trapped!"